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007 - It is through art, and through art only, that we can realise our perfection

40 Christmas icons:
(Twilight Saga cast, Taylor Swift,
Harry Potter, Skins, Vampire Diaries)



Okay so like in the previous post, I'm taking Christmas icons request, go on that post, if you have some request, BUT please before you go there, be kind enough to leave a comment here so I'll know that you took time to look at the icons I made and that you're not here just for the request post, Kthankx.

Thankx to make_me_irish for the tuto.

 - Comments are ♥
 - Credit [info]nice_innocent or  
 - Textless icons are not bases
 - Do not edit/repost (oncluding fanpop)/claim as your own/hotlink 

  - Join/watch to see the previous entries 
 - Resources
 note: if you can't see all the icons, just refresh the page until you can
see them all, imageshack can be a bitch sometimes xD 

 - If your an icons maker (wich mean you make icon at least once a month)
and you want this community to be your icon community, pm me,
and I'll be happy to add you ;D

how to credit:


Tags: celeb: ashley greene, celeb: candice accola, celeb: dakota fanning, celeb: daniel radcliffe, celeb: dianna agron, celeb: emma watson, celeb: ian somerhalder, celeb: jack o'connell, celeb: jackson rathbone, celeb: katerina graham, celeb: kathryn prescott, celeb: kellan lutz, celeb: kristen stewart, celeb: lily loveless, celeb: mike bailey, celeb: mitch hewer, celeb: nicholas hoult, celeb: nikki reed, celeb: robert pattinson, celeb: taylor lautner, movie: harry potter: deathly hallows, movie: the twilight saga: eclipse, movie: the twilight saga: new moon, music: taylor swift, theme: christmas, type: animated, type: icons, user: nice_innocent
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